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Deal Pier Diamond Jubilee
Sunday 19th November 2017

Catch Report: Sunday, 24th June 2017 During the recent spell of hot weather, the catch rate for the anglers seems to have deteriorated somewhat. The sea temperature has risen and the colour has disappeared from it making the fish shy. The only chance of a decent catch of fish is either from the boats or after dark from the Pier or beach. The last two daylight beach matches have seen just a few bringing fish to the scales, leaving the majority fishless.
Deal & Walmer Angling Association held their weekend comp on one of the hottest days this year. Of the 14 competitors, only four weighed in with the odd dogfish to the distance casters. Louie Smith topped up his two dog win with a fish on his last cast at 1.180 kg (2 lb 9½ oz). In second place was Luke Hutton's single dog for 0.780 kg (1 lb 11½ oz) beating Steve Swan's similar catch of 0.650 kg (1 lb 7 oz).
The Deal AC 1919 did not fare much better in their evening beach rover match. A dogfish of 0.670 kg in his bag with two pouting put Fred Leach in pole position for a total of 1.250 kg (2 lb 12 oz) which was the heaviest catch of the match. John Green found three pouting weighing 0.790 kg (1 lb 11¾ oz) for second spot beating his son Patrick Green's single dogfish for 0.650 kg (1 lb 7 oz). The only other fish caught was a dog of 0.580 kg (1 lb 4½ oz) from Ken Withington.
Deal Pier seems to be fishing better with the deeper water holding a few fish. Some rays have been caught and a few bass as well. The late night Saturday anglers found the smooth-hounds feeding on crab and live prawn baits with them amassing 12 fish up to 5 lb (2.26 kg).
There have been a few mackerel caught from the Pier and it should not be long before the conditions are ideal and the main shoals arrive.
Current local sea temperatures: inshore (beach and Pier) 16.7°C, offshore (Downs) 16.5°C.
Catch Report: Sunday, 17th June 2017 The recent southerly breeze and spring tides has put some colour in the sea and helped with the catching of fish. However, the down side is that it has brought a lot of weed inshore and made angling off the beach almost impossible at high tide. Once the tide breaks, and is on the way out, the fish start to feed again and the weed settles down.
Dogfish have been found in vast numbers from the Pier and their larger brothers, the smooth-hounds, have also been showing. The Saturday evening group bagged-up on some nice specimens from the bottom deck of Deal Pier. Equal best from the smooth-hound catch went to Wayne Shorter, with a fish of 4.200 kg (9 lb 4¼ oz). All of the 'hounds came to peeler crab baits fished on pulley rigs.
The Pier also produced the top weights in the latest Deal AC 1919 comp. John Green brought 18 dogfish to the scales to win the event with 9.360 kg (20 lb 10¼ oz) beating Fred Leach's 8.090 kg (17 lb 13 ⅓ oz). In third place was Dave Andrews who struggled with the weed on the beach for 7.860 kg (17 lb 5¼ oz).
Birchington AC had similar problems when they held their beach match at Walmer. Kevin Scott found enough dogs through the weed to come first with 4.270 kg (9 lb 6½ oz) in the five hour comp. With a large pouting and dogfish, Terry Wraight's 4.080 kg (9 lb) was enough for second and Dave Andrews was third with 1.660 kg (3 lb 10½ oz).
From June 16th the close season for freshwater fishing in the rivers was lifted. Stretches of the River Stour should produce some nice size roach and chub plus good catches of bream. With the settled weather approaching a day on the river bank is inviting, however, an EA licence is required and anglers are requested not to leave litter at their swims. The minority, who do, makes bad publicity for the majority who enjoy and respect their sport.
Current local sea temperatures: inshore (beach and Pier) 15°C, offshore (Downs) 16.7°C.