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Catch Update: 23rd October 2016 Calamari, or Californian squid, is now available. This useful bait has been in short supply for almost a year owing to the weather phenomenon in the Pacific 'El Nino'. Squid makes excellent economical bait and can be cut to size or used whole for most of the types of fish that the angler is likely to catch.
The beach and Pier is fishing better on the night tides and the northerly wind has put colour into the sea which has encouraged the fish to feed. A few codling are showing along with some bass and dogfish. The shoals of whiting are making an appearance with some decent size fish in amongst them. Baits to use are lugworm and squid along with herring, which should be available from the local fishing boats soon.
The late night anglers found plenty of sport from Deal Pier on Saturday night. Action was continuous with dogfish and good size whiting. The highlights were a bass of 4 lb caught by Shane Bradford and Henry Thomas with one of 42 cm. Jason Pullen's bass of 5 lb 11 oz is still the Pier's fish-of-the-month with only a few days to be beaten.
A keen easterly wind greeted 18 members as they fished the latest Deal & Walmer Angling Association's beach match on Sunday. The early evening match venue was along the Marina at north Deal and was fished over the high tide. The wind direction may have put the fish off feeding as the weights were below what was expected and were a disappointment for some. Sam Collier managed nine fish, which included the heaviest fish a dog of 0.690 kg, for a total weight of 3.070 kg. In second place was Graham King with 2.0 kg and third was Tim Fagg's 1.750 kg. Heaviest flat went to Steve Swan with a dab of 0.160 kg.
Current local sea temperatures: inshore (beach and Pier) 15°C, offshore (Downs) 13.6°C.
Catch Report: Sunday, 16th October 2016 At last, the fish famine is over! Nine anglers brought a bountiful return to the scales in the latest Deal 1919 AC three hour beach and Pier match. With half of the competitors fishing the beach, Martin Jenkins found the fish from the Sandown end. In his winning 10.390 kg haul, he managed to catch the heaviest fish of the match, a 2.600 kg thornback ray. Also in his bag was a codling of 1.150 kg plus dogfish and whiting. Tim Fagg, who was on the Pier, chased Jenkins in weight to come second with 10.060 kg which included another ray and dogs. Making the most of the return of whiting was Luke Hutton, catching 30, to come third at 6.810 kg. Also on the Pier, John Green was a worthy contender for heaviest fish with a 2.550 kg thornback ray which was just beaten by Jenkins' fish. Dave Andrews won the heaviest flat, catching a dab of 0.060 kg.
Deal Pier stem was the venue for the Marines AC match last Friday night. The four hour comp ended at 11.30pm and all of the ten anglers had fish to weigh in. Local tackle dealer, Fred Leach, fishing from the 4th shelter, found the dogfish and whiting feeding and bagged-up with a 24 fish result of 7.140 kg. For a change, Dave Chamberlain managed to catch some fish to come second, with 3.920 kg just beating John Libby into third spot with his 3.880 kg; which included the heaviest fish of the comp, a 0.720 kg dog.
This year's British Open championships are being held at Deal and Walmer beaches on Sunday 8th November, from 11am till 4pm. The event is being run by England International anglers Saul Page and Richard Yates and will be on a measure and return format. Entries for this prestigious match can be pre-booked by phoning 01303 253881.
The eleventh (penultimate - the Xmas match being 'pointless') D&WAA members-only competition of the 2016 campaign will be held at Horsa Road (51.231428, 1.404148) on Sunday, 23rd October (4pm to 8pm).
With two matches to go, the heaviest round and flat fish caught in this year's competitions to date are, respectively:
  1. a codling weighing 2.540 kg (5 lb 9½ oz) caught by Martin Jenkins on 3rd January; and
  2. a sole weighing 0.640 kg (1 lb 6½ oz) caught by Joe Smith on 12th June.
View the detailed match results and updated leaderboard here.
Current local sea temperatures: inshore (beach and Pier) 16.1°C, offshore (Downs) 15.6°C.